East Troy John Doe

The skeletal remains of a young man were discovered on October 11th 1979 in Walworth County Wisconsin. Law Enforcement, despite their best efforts, have been unable to identify him for the last 39 years. This coming October (2019) will mark the 40th anniversary of John Doe’s discovery.

Jackson County John Doe

The state of Wisconsin seems to have a disproportionate number of dismembered victims. One theory behind this strange phenomenon is the people in Wisconsin like to hunt and therefore are more familiar and comfortable dissecting a once living creature. While a lot of people in Wisconsin love their hunting, hunting is an activity that is cherished all over the United States and is certainly not limited to the Mid-West. Going back through news archives, the oldest dismembered victim I could find is that of the Jackson County John Doe discovered in 1978.

Columbia County Jane Doe

On May 8th 1982, a passerby noticed something strange on the side of Petra Road. There, merely 60 feet from the pavement was the badly decomposed body of a female. Authorities did everything they could at the time in hopes of identifying her but by 1987, the case had gone cold and the remains were laid to rest in Wyocena, Wisconsin as a Jane Doe.

Barron County John Doe

On September 21, 1982 a group of loggers discovered the body of an unidentified male while working on a private property. Very little could be determined about who this individual had been in life as the body had been exposed to the elements for so long. Investigators from the Barron County’s sheriff’s department have worked tirelessly for the last 36 years in hopes of identifying and reuniting John Doe with his loved ones.

St. Croix County Jane Doe

On October 19, 2002 an innocent group of Boy Scouts made a discovery that would forever haunt them. While on the side of a roadway collecting trash for a charity project, a young teen picked up a garbage bag that looked similar to the ones they were using and peeked inside. He saw what he thought to be the skull of a deer, upon closer examination however, he realized he was holding the skull of a human being.

Racine County Jane Doe

In the early morning hours of July 21st 1999, two individuals who were out walking came upon a sad and disturbing scene. They stumbled upon the body of a deceased female who appeared to have a broken arm as it was sticking out at an odd angle. They alerted the local authorities who rushed to the scene. Law Enforcement has spent the last 19 years trying to identify the female and figure out how she came to be discarded on the side of the road.

Fond Du Lac County Jane Doe

On November 23, 2008, a group of unassuming hunters came upon a scene that should’ve been in a horror film; but it was real life. Submerged in a shallow creek, near an abandoned barn was the body of a once beautiful young-woman. She was frozen in the ice. Her hair suspended in place, as if it had been flowing gracefully in the water before the temperature dipped. Law Enforcement hadn’t seen anything like it. They were forced to chisel the ice surrounding the victim with extreme caution so as not to compromise any evidence. Once authorities were able to retrieve her, they found identifying her to be an even more difficult task.

John Clinton Doe

John Clinton Doe, or JCD as he has been dubbed, was discovered on November 26, 1995 by a group of hunters on their private property near Clinton, WI. The remains were almost completely skeletonized and therefore, unrecognizable. John Clinton Doe lay on his stomach with his hands stretched over his head. The flannel jacket he had been wearing was covering his neck and head. No foul pay is suspected and the cause of death is undetermined. The especially sad part, JCD was determined to be 17-20 years old and has been unidentified for the last 23 years.

Vernon County Jane Doe

On May 4th 1984, 3 teenagers came upon a gruesome scene as they drove down Old Line Road. Just 4 miles from Westby, WI. At approximately 11:15 PM, they noticed what appeared to be the body of an elderly woman laying at the side of the gravel, rural road. There was no mistaking it, she was dead. She had been bludgeoned beyond recognition. They quickly drove to the nearest farm to alert authorities. The sheriff’s deputy arrived on the scene just before midnight.