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East Troy John Doe

The skeletal remains of a young man were discovered on October 11th 1979 in Walworth County Wisconsin. Law Enforcement, despite their best efforts, have been unable to identify him for the last 39 years. This coming October (2019) will mark the 40th anniversary of John Doe’s discovery.

Jackson County John Doe

The state of Wisconsin seems to have a disproportionate number of dismembered victims. One theory behind this strange phenomenon is the people in Wisconsin like to hunt and therefore are more familiar and comfortable dissecting a once living creature. While a lot of people in Wisconsin love their hunting, hunting is an activity that is cherished all over the United States and is certainly not limited to the Mid-West. Going back through news archives, the oldest dismembered victim I could find is that of the Jackson County John Doe discovered in 1978.

Barron County John Doe

On September 21, 1982 a group of loggers discovered the body of an unidentified male while working on a private property. Very little could be determined about who this individual had been in life as the body had been exposed to the elements for so long. Investigators from the Barron County’s sheriff’s department have worked tirelessly for the last 36 years in hopes of identifying and reuniting John Doe with his loved ones.