Eric Lee Franks

Last week marked 8 years since anyone has seen Eric Lee Franks alive. The case has been difficult for Law Enforcement agencies involved because Eric seemingly vanished into thin air along with the vehicle he was driving. Authorities have been unable to locate remains and one of the last people to see Eric alive has since passed away. This has left a seemingly never-ending quest for Eric’s mother, Jo Ann Franks, who wants desperately to find her son and to bring him home for a proper burial.

Abby Lynn Patterson and the Strange On-goings in Robinson County, North Carolina; Part 2

While researching the disappearance of Abby Lynn Patterson, it became apparent there was something sinister occurring in Robinson County. Most of the occurrences have taken place in the town of Lumberton, North Carolinian, where Abby vanished from. The town has been plagued with more violence than seemingly normal - having thirteen individuals disappear since 1989. It is not clear if all of these cases are related or not, but the following is a collection of circumstances that bare resemblance to the cases discussed in part one. The similarities go back as far as 2004 with the disappearance of Stephanie Lewis.

Abby Lynn Patterson and the Strange On-goings in Robinson County, North Carolina

Abby Lynn Patterson was visiting her mother in Lumberton, North Carolina, the town she had grown up in. On September 5, 2017 She told her Mom she was going out to run some errands and would be back in an hour. Abby has not been seen or heard from since. Looking back through the town’s history, a pattern of young women vanishing in this manner emerges. Some women have turned up, deceased, in abandoned homes and on abandoned properties. Other young ladies, like Abby herself, are still missing. This leaves the community wondering – are these happenings a coincidence or is a predator stalking the community?

Raelene Eaton and Yvonne Waters

Raelene Eaton and Yvonne Waters decided to go out one Sunday afternoon in 1974 to see a band play at a local hotel, a decision that would change both of their lives and their families forever. The pair, cousins, were good friends and often went to see live music together.

Sam Davis

As I sat at my family’s Thanksgiving, I found myself distracted by a post I have been researching. A young man, Sam Davis, has been missing from his Charlotte home in North Carolina since June 29th 2018. This means of course, there is one empty seat this holiday season that shouldn’t be. This is a recent and developing case meaning it is extremely important to share Sam’s picture and story. As the holidays approach and the temperature outside dips Sam’s case needs a spotlight shined on it now more than ever before.

Amber Lynn Wilde

Amber Lynn Wilde, age 19, was last heard from on September 23rd 1998 by her father Steve Wilde. She called him to say that she’d been in a minor car accident while on her way to class at the University of Wisconsin in Green Bay. Amber had rear-ended another vehicle and hit her head on the windshield giving her a bad headache. She told her dad she had seen medical staff in the school. They advised her that she most likely had a concussion and should be checked in on through-out the day, either in person or by phone. Amber’s father called her several times the next morning, as previously discussed, but she did not answer. Feeling something was wrong, he drove to her apartment from Mayville, WI. Steve Wilde could not locate his daughter or her car therefore reported her missing. She had been pregnant at the time of her disappearance.