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Abby Lynn Patterson and the Strange On-goings in Robinson County, North Carolina

Abby Lynn Patterson and the Strange On-goings in Robinson County, North Carolina

Abby Lynn Patterson was visiting her mother in Lumberton, North Carolina, the town she had grown up in. On September 5, 2017 She told her Mom she was going out to run some errands and would be back in an hour. Abby has not been seen or heard from since. Looking back through the town’s history, a pattern of young women vanishing in this manner emerges. Some women have turned up, deceased, in abandoned homes and on abandoned properties. Other young ladies, like Abby herself, are still missing. This leaves the community wondering – are these happenings a coincidence or is a predator stalking the community?


Abby was visiting her mother in Lumberton, North Carolina after graduating from a drug rehabilitation center in Charlotte, North Carolina for opioid use. Abby had completed the program and been discharged to a ‘Sober Living Facility’ in Jacksonville FL, where she was supporting herself and was living on her own. Abby had just been accepted to a college where she planned on studying to become a counselor. Her mother has stated ‘she praised god for her sobriety in her journal everyday.’ On September 4th, 2017, the day before she vanished, Abby enjoyed a day at Holden Beach with family. She posted the following picture on social media captioned “Family is Forever.”


On September 5th 2017, around 11:30AM, Abby told her mother she was going to run some errands and would be back in an hour. She walked out of the house on East 9th Street. Witnesses saw Abby begin to walk down the road when she was approached by a brown Buick sedan. Abby appeared to know the driver and got into the car willingly. After an hour had passed and Abby failed to return, her mother attempted to call her daughter’s cell phone and became concerned when the calls went straight to voice mail. After a long anxious day with no contact from her daughter and Abby failing to return to the house, Samantha Lovette reported her daughter, Abby Lynn Patterson, missing at 6:00 PM. Abby has not been seen or heard from since. Her social media and bank accounts remain untouched.


Abby is a beautiful young lady with long, dark-brown hair and browns eyes. She stands 5’7” and weighs 140 lbs. Abby was born on February 15th, 1997 making her 20 years old at the time of her disappearance. Last week marked her 22nd birthday; the second birthday Abby has not been present for.

Abby was last seen wearing brown shorts and a white shirt. Her choice of footwear is unknown. Abby has a tattoo of 3 small black birds on her shoulder. She also has a large birthmark on the back of her right thigh.

A picture showing Abby Patterson’s birthmark.

A picture showing Abby Patterson’s birthmark.


Authorities were able to identify and locate the driver of the brown Buick. Officials have publicly stated the person is an acquaintance and merely provided Abby with a ride to a different location. The secondary location, and the name of the driver, have not been released to the public. New tips and information are constantly coming in and being thoroughly investigated. The local Sheriff’s office as well as the Charlotte division of the FBI, are seeking information from the public regarding Abby’s whereabouts.



Shortly before Abby Lynn Patterson vanished on September 5, 2017, three sets of human remains were located just blocks from Abby’s last known location. On April 18, 2017 authorities were alerted to a foul order coming from an abandoned home at 505 Peachtree Street. Once they arrived, they found the body of a naked female wrapped in a grey blanket and stuffed into an old entertainment cabinet. The remains had been there for some time as they were badly decomposed. Eric Hackney, an investigator for the District Attorney’s office has been quoted as saying “It was one of the worst scenes I have seen in a long time and perhaps the worst I have ever seen.”

While investigators were collecting evidence inside the home of 505 Peachtree Street, bystanders continued to smell something strange. They decided to remove the lid of a nearby garbage can and found a second body. They alerted authorities to the trash can that was located merely 50 yards away at 702 East Fifth Street. Court documents state however, that the trash can had the address of ‘505 Peachtree Street’ painted on its side. Inside the trash can was the decomposing remains of another unclothed female.

News spread quickly throughout the neighborhood about the discovery of the remains. A young woman who hadn’t heard from her older sister in some time rushed to the area investigators were working. She franticly described her sister’s tattoo to authorities. The set of remains located in the trash can did in fact have a tattoo that matched the description. The remains were identified as Rhonda Jones, age 36; A mother to five and grandma to one. The second set of remains, discovered inside the home, were identified as Christina Bennett, age 32.

Photo of Christina Bennett (32)

Photo of Christina Bennett (32)

Photo of Rhonda Jones (36)

Photo of Rhonda Jones (36)

Upon the discovery of the two decomposing bodies, the remains were sent to the Medical Examiner’s office in Raleigh where autopsies were performed. Oddly enough the results of the autopsies were not released to the families or the public for over a year leaving family members left to wonder what had become of their loved ones. Once the reports were released however, more questions arose than answers were received. Both women’s deaths had been ruled ‘undetermined’ as the bodies were so badly decomposed. Rhonda Jones was said to have cuts on her nose, forehead and chin. This was thought to have occurred post-mortem when she was being shoved into the trash can. Jones’s also had two abrasions on her upper back and a fractured nose. Both women were known to have struggled with substance abuse throughout their lives and both did in fact have cocaine in their systems. The examiner stated the traces of cocaine in their systems was not the cause of death. Meaning neither died from a drug overdose or tainted cocaine. The Examiner did state an “asphyxia injury” cannot be ruled out. This type of ‘injury’ would include someone obscuring another person’s mouth and nose or strangulation.


Before the two sets of remains that were discovered in April of 2017 were positivity identified, Megan Ann Oxendine, age 28, was interviewed for a TV news station regarding the disappearance and possible discovery of her friend Rhonda Jones. Megan was quoted as saying “She was a mother of five and a sweet good person. I never see her act out or nothing. She was just quiet. She didn’t really mess with too many people.” Shortly after this interview took place, Megan’s remains were discovered on June 3, 2017 at 608 East Eighth Street, behind a vacant residence. Her body was partially obscured by overgrown weeds, tree branches and roof shingles. She was also nude. Just like in the cases of Bennett and Jones, an autopsy was performed but answers were withheld. The results were eventually released along with the autopsy of the other two women. Once again, a cause of death could not be determined. The report also noted “asphyxia injury” could not be ruled out and just like the other two women, she had traces of cocaine in her system as well.

Megan Oxendine being interviewed by CBS news regarding the death of Rhonda Jones. This was one of the last times she was seen alive.

Megan Oxendine being interviewed by CBS news regarding the death of Rhonda Jones. This was one of the last times she was seen alive.

Shelia Oxendine, Megan’s mother believes her daughter had information regarding the deaths of Bennett and Jones and that is why she is no longer alive. A few weeks after the remains were discovered, Megan had been attacked. Megan claimed not to have seen her attacker. Her hair however, had been cut in the process. Megan spoke to Shelia that night who encouraged her daughter to tell police. Shelia contacted Law Enforcement on Megan’s behalf and explained the situation. Authorities told Shelia the detective in charge of Bennett and Jones’s deaths would be in contact with her. She never heard back. Shelia has been quoted as saying “I don’t know whether to cry or get mad. Because if they would’ve contacted me and could’ve got Megan to talk more. And could have done something to help protect her, but now my child is gone.”


Cynthia Jacobs has been missing since July 27, 2017. According to her brother and sister-in-law, Cynthia was the last person to see Megan Ann Oxendine alive. Not much information is known regarding Cynthia’s disappearance as she had preferred to live on the streets. The only information that is available is a post on Facebook, written by Terri Rae and shared by Burnis Wilkins – the Robinson County Sherriff at the time. The post states that Cynthia Jacobs is the sister or Terri Rae’s husband making the females sisters-in-laws. Terri explains how they tried to offer Cynthia a place to stay but she had declined. Terri stated “in June Megan went missing, Cynthia was the last person to be with Megan, there has to be a connection somewhere with the 3 deceased and Cynthia.”



Alarmed that they may have a serial killer on their hands, local law enforcement contacted the Charlotte division on the FBI and asked for assistance. The FBI canvased the neighbored and knocked on over 800 doors. Authorities have stated they have received tips throughout this process but nothing that would lead to an arrest. The FBI is offering a $30,000.00 reward for information to help them determine how Bennett, Jones and Oxendine died. Investigators and FBI have stated they do not believe the disappearance of Abby Lynn Patterson is related to the 3 deaths but considering Abby vanished from the same 4 block radius where their remains were discovered, raises some cause for concern. The families of the victims have publicly complained stating they are not getting the help they desire from law enforcement. Authorities however may be holding some information close in order to find the person responsible and eventually prosecute them for their crimes.



One common factor in the deaths of Bennett, Jones and Oxendine is they were all discovered in or around abandoned homes. Some research on the area shows a Hurricane caused major damage and flooding resulting in many homes becoming vacant. The neighborhood where the victims were discovered was known to authorities for drug use and prostitution, particularly 505 Peachtree Street. Before the remains were discovered, the city installed bright LED lights throughout the area to deter this type of criminal behavior from occurring.

Tax records show the home at 505 Peachtree Street is owned by a local attorney who owns 9 other properties in the area. He purchases homes to refurbish and rent out. The flooding caused problems with his other properties forcing him to abandon the project on Peachtree for a time in order to get his tenants back into their residences. He states he was just about to return to the Peachtree project when the remains were discovered. He has fully cooperated with authorities and boarded up the property after law enforcement closed the crime scene. He has disputed the statement from police suggesting 505 Peachtree was a known place for criminal activity. He stated in the 3 years he has owned the property, police were only called to the home three times. Once for an outdoor grill and the other two times were in regards to a dog. He has also stated he would like the neighborhood cleaned up as finding tenants is difficult in an area that is rampant with crime.

The home at 505 PeachTree, now boarded up.

The home at 505 PeachTree, now boarded up.


Although the three deceased females have not been officially linked, it is interesting to consider the many similarities in the cases. All three women battled with addiction, the three deceased were all discovered in or around abandoned homes, all the remains were covered in some way as though the person responsible felt remorse and wanted to hide what they had done. (Bennett in an entertainment center, Jones in a trash can and Oxendine covered with branches and roof shingles) After autopsies had been performed, the medical examiner could not determine a cause of death for any of the females. The three victims were all unclothed.

It is unknown what has become of Abby Lynn Patterson but what is known is she, like the other four victims, battled with addiction and vanished in what seems to be a dangerous area. Authorities have no reason to believe Abby is deceased but her family says it is unlike her to go this long with absolutely no contact. If she is alive, they fear she could be being held against her will. Abby had been in a long-term relationship at the time of her disappearance. She has also not reached out to her boyfriend who has held out all hopes of seeing her again. His Facebook relationship status still shows ‘in a relationship.’ Authorities have publicly stated they do not believe the disappearance of Abby Patterson has anything to do with the deaths of Bennett, Jones and Oxendine.

The FBI is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading directly to Abby Lynn Patterson being located. They are asking anyone with details to call the FBI’s Charlotte Field Office at 704-672-6100, or the Lumberton Police Department at 910-671-3845.

There is an additional $10,000 reward being offered for Abby. $5000 from her family for information leading to her whereabouts. An additional $5000 is being offered from Mountaire Farms for information leading to an arrest of those responsible and for the safe return of Abby.







Abby Lynn Patterson and the Strange On-goings in Robinson County, North Carolina; Part 2

Abby Lynn Patterson and the Strange On-goings in Robinson County, North Carolina; Part 2

Raelene Eaton and Yvonne Waters

Raelene Eaton and Yvonne Waters