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Amber Lynn Wilde

Amber Lynn Wilde

Amber Lynn Wilde, age 19, was last heard from on September 23rd 1998 by her father Steve Wilde. She called him to say that she’d been in a minor car accident while on her way to class at the University of Wisconsin in Green Bay. Amber had rear-ended another vehicle and hit her head on the windshield giving her a bad headache. She told her dad she had seen medical staff in the school. They advised her that she most likely had a concussion and should be checked in on through-out the day, either in person or by phone. Amber’s father called her several times the next morning, as previously discussed, but she did not answer. Feeling something was wrong, he drove to her apartment from Mayville, WI. Steve Wilde could not locate his daughter or her car therefore reported her missing. She had been pregnant at the time of her disappearance.


A few weeks after Amber Wilde vanished, her car, a grey 1988 Subaru GL, was located abandoned in the parking lot of a sports bar near Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers. The car had been left unlocked with the keys in the ignition and her cell phone on the passenger’s seat, still plugged into the cigarette lighter. Amber’s purse was found locked in the trunk. The driver’s seat had been pushed back all the way which was unusual as Amber was short and always sat close to the steering wheel. The car had recently been serviced in the days prior to Amber’s disappearance therefore, police were able to conclude there were 900 new unexplained miles.

Amber was a dedicated student who was on the fast track for success. During high school, she took accelerated classes allowing her to obtain an associate’s degree after only one year in community college. She then transferred to the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay and had moved to the area only 3 weeks prior to her disappearance. She planned to go on to med school and wanted to become a pediatrician. Her family says she was not suicidal but rather excited about her future. Her Aunt, and Godmother, Laurie Ehnert had volunteered to watch her unborn child after its birth so Amber could continue her education.

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Authorities are now using statements from the most unlikely of witnesses to aid in their investigation. That is, statements from Amber herself. In the form of a secret diary. It is as though she is speaking to detectives from beyond the grave. Recently unsealed court documents revealed, based on statements from the diary, police have identified a prime suspect and possible motive. The suspect – Matthew John Schneider, who is allegedly the father of Amber Wilde’s unborn child. The documents also revealed authorities are treating this case as a homicide.

According to the documents, Amber Wilde attended a party in May of 1998 where she met Matt Schneider. The two hit it off and went back to Amber’s apartment to have consensual intercourse. The two continued their steamy relationship for a short time until it came to a screeching halt when Amber learned she was pregnant. When informed of the pregnancy, Matt was reportedly upset and urged Amber to have an abortion to which she refused. He was engaged to another woman at the time of the child’s conception and Matt did not want his fiancée to find out. Amber reportedly wrote a letter to Matt’s parents, informing them of the pregnancy. She also confronted Matt’s fiancée in person to make her aware of the affair and subsequent child. In the two weeks leading up to her disappearance Matt had been trying to meet with Amber. He also had been allegedly threatening her saying he would hurt himself if she didn’t end the pregnancy or he would make sure she never saw the child again.

When authorities interviewed Matt Schneider, he stated that he barely knew Amber and the two of them certainly hadn’t had sex. He said he only spoke to her a few times at a coffee shop. He showed no concern for her well-being. Matt’s fiancée said Amber had been obsessed with Matt and had been harassing him. Authorities say Matt’s phone records prove otherwise. Matt and Amber Wilde were in constant contact with each other until the night she disappeared. Matt never attempted to call her again. He never provided an alibi and refused to be polygraphed. He now lives with his wife, the woman he was engaged to at the time of Amber’s disappearance, and their children. He still maintains that he and Amber never had a sexual relationship.

Police believe Amber and her unborn child may be buried somewhere along or underneath Highway 29 that runs through Green Bay. At the time of Amber’s disappearance, Matt, a construction worker, had been involved in the major revamping of the Highway that was taking place. The recently unsealed court documents revealed that multiple digs have taken place along Highway 29. Massive searches were also conducted on the Schneider family farm. No trace of Amber has ever been found. Over the last 20 years, many different agencies have aided in the investigation and search for Amber Wilde, including the FBI’s BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit.)

This past Sunday, September 23rd 2018, officially marked 20 years since anyone has heard from Amber Wilde. This anniversary is especially sad when considering the possible life that’s been missed out on. Amber Wild would be 39 years old today with a 19 year old child of her own. That child would be about to embark on the same path of self-discovery that Amber was unfairly taken from. Amber probably would have become a pediatrician and would’ve had a satisfying career of caring for children, which she loved to do.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Amber Wilde, please contact the Green Bay Police Department at (920)448-3221 or Detective David Graf at (920)448-3257

Sam Davis

Sam Davis