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Sam Davis

Sam Davis

The remains of Sam Davis were located on February 14, 2019. Our thoughts are with Sam’s family.

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As I sat at my family’s Thanksgiving, I found myself distracted by a post I have been researching. A young man, Sam Davis, has been missing from his Charlotte home in North Carolina since June 29th 2018. This means of course, there is one empty seat this holiday season that shouldn’t be. This is a recent and developing case meaning it is extremely important to share Sam’s picture and story. As the holidays approach and the temperature outside dips Sam’s case needs a spotlight shined on it now more than ever before.


Sam Jonathan Davis was 25 years old at the time of this disappearance on June 29th 2018 but has since turned 26. His birthday has come and gone without sight of the 5’11, 150lb young man. He has striking blue eyes and longer, brown hair that he wears pulled up or underneath a baseball cap. Sam sometimes appears clean shaven but usually has short facial hair. He used to wear large gage-earrings which would’ve left his piercings stretched out. Sam has a number of tattoos that can aid in his identification. They include a Nintendo game cube logo, a quote from Zelda, and images from Zelda among others pictured below.


Sam Davis was last seen leaving his home around 9am on Poplar Grove Drive in the Davis Lakes Subdivision of Charlotte, North Carolina on June 29th 2018. He was carrying a small black skateboard with neon green wheels. The house Sam was living in belonged to his friend’s parents. Both the parents and the friend were currently residing in the home and Sam was renting a spare room.

Sam has a cell phone but it is not attached to a plan of any kind, meaning he would need Wi-Fi to access it. He typically communicated through Facebook Messenger. He also did not have a car of his own but rather traveled via bus or on his skateboard. Sam had a bus pass on him when he walked out of his residence but his mother, Carol Mejia, has stated there is no way to track the pass’s activity. This particular bus pass has a number of available rides on it and is stamped each time a ride is taken. The pass then expires after the last number is stamped. Therefore the pass is unfortunately no help to Law Enforcement.

A skateboard that looks like the one Sam Davis left with on the morning on June 29th.

A skateboard that looks like the one Sam Davis left with on the morning on June 29th.

TIMELINE: (June 29th 2018)

  • 4:30am:

    • Sam messages his girlfriend on Facebook Messenger. He Indicates that he has had an argument with his roommate and is about to leave his residence. He was either going to the Harris Teeter Neighborhood Food and Pharmacy at the end of Davis Lake Parkway, or the pool / park on Hucks Road and would message her again when he arrived. Both of these locations had Wi-Fi. His girlfriend tried to convince him to stay home. She does not know if Sam actually left that morning or not. She never received another message from him.

  • 7:45am:

    • Sam messages his brother-in-law stating he was feeling down and asked if he would come to Charlotte for a visit. Sam says he needed someone to talk to. Law Enforcement has not been successful in tracing the Wi-Fi that was used, therefore Sam’s location when this message was sent is unknown. It is presumed he was still at his residence.

  • 9:00am:

    • The time according to the roommate and his family that Sam left their home. They stated Sam left on foot and said he was going to Walmart. It is believed he was going to the nearest Walmart in Huntersville. Sam did not bring his backpack and left all of his possessions at the house. The only thing Sam had with him other than his cell phone and wallet was his little black skateboard with neon green wheels. The clothing he was wearing that morning is unknown.

  • 10:00am - 10:30am:

    • A neighbor saw someone she believed to be Sam at the corner of Fox Briar Trail and Davis Lake Parkway. She described seeing a tall man with a skateboard. If this sighting is accurate Sam was closer to the Harris Teeter rather than the Walmart.

Sam Davis

Sam Davis


Sam Davis’s girlfriend became concerned when she had not heard back from him after receiving the odd message at 4:30 in the morning on June 29th. She eventually contacted Sam’s mother, Carol Mejia, who attempted to contact Sam herself as well as some of his friends. When it became clear no one had seen or heard from Sam since the morning of June 29th, Carol reported her son missing on July 3rd 2018.

Police immediately sprang into action, collecting the surveillance footage from the local Walmart’s and the Harris Teeter. They combed the 2.7 mile path between Sam’s residence and Walmart in addition to the surrounding area on foot and with dogs. Law Enforcement also conducted a search by air. Sam’s family and a group of over 50 volunteers searched this area as well as went door to door in the Davis Lakes Subdivision talking to neighbors and hanging flyers. Sam’s family has contacted hospitals, homeless shelters, and foodbanks. They have spoken to bus drivers and hung Sam’s picture in bus terminals. Sam’s Mother walked around Ferrelltown Lake because Sam had camped there with friend’s years earlier.

After carefully reviewing all of the surveillance tapes, Law Enforcement has confirmed Sam is not on any of the footage. It appears as though Sam did not go to either the Harris Teeter or to Walmart on June 29th. This is so for the early morning hours as well as mid-morning after leaving his residence.

Police have interviewed Sam’s roommates (Sam’s friend and his friend’s parents.) All parties have been forthcoming and corporative. They have allowed Law Enforcement into their home and have all been questioned multiple times. The family participated in the search for Sam and have responded to all of Sam’s mother’s text messages. Sam’s girlfriend is ‘broken’ according to Sam’s mom. She has also participated in searching for Sam as well as voluntarily been questioned by police. Law Enforcement have stated they believe someone out there knows what is going on and what has happened to Sam.

Since Sam was last seen the morning of June 29th, 2018, his social media accounts have not been used. His family has been unable to access his messenger app without Sam’s password. He missed a visit with his father which Sam had been excited for. Sam also missed his first day at a new job. He had been out of work for about two weeks prior to going missing. Sam had a difficult time finding a job because without a car, it had to be within walking distance from a bus stop. Sam had expressed excitement to be starting work again. He had reportedly been unhappy with his life and current living situation and wanted to better himself.

Carol Mejia has been on constant vigil for her son. She has leapt into action and hasn’t looked back from the moment she realized something was terribly wrong. She has done countless interviews in an attempt to get Sam’s face and story out there. She created a Facebook group called FIND SAM DAVIS where she regularly posts new information and pictures of Sam. Carol, who is typically composed and articulate in order to project accurate information, recently posted a heartbreaking and raw live video showing just how painful this has been for her. A GoFundMe account has also been set up in Sam’s name to aid the family in offering a reward for information leading to Sam’s whereabouts. If it is not used as a reward, the money will go to Sam’s young son’s education.


IF YOU SEE SAM, CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY! The police would rather you be wrong than have missed an opportunity.

IF YOU HAVE INFORMATION REGARDING THIS CASE, PLEASE CONTACT: Detective Gaskin 704-353-0890, The Families Private Investigator, Kevin Ryan 610-592-4262 or Crime Stoppers (can remain anonymous) 704-334-1600


FACEBOOK PAGE (Run by Sam’s Mother):



Raelene Eaton and Yvonne Waters

Raelene Eaton and Yvonne Waters

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Amber Lynn Wilde