Julia Baez

On October 10th, 1990 a group of mushroom hunters made a gruesome discovery in the town of Brockway, Wisconsin. While hunting, they stumbled upon plastic bags that contained the remains of a dismembered, decapitated woman. Although Law Enforcement did everything in their power to identify the victim, the case went cold. In 2014 the remains were exhumed for advanced DNA testing and Jane Doe was identified as 36-year-old mother of 4, Julia Baez.

Mary Kate Sunderlin

In early December 1999, a forest preserve employee came upon a scene that was so disturbing his brain could not process it. He was looking at what he believed to be a mannequin but in truth, it was the body of a badly beaten and tortured woman. Shortly after the discovery, authorities zeroed in on a suspect and made an arrest. The arrest resulted in a conviction. New evidence however, has since come to light that destroyed the prosecution’s case. The convicted man was exonerated and released after serving 15 years in prison. This case remains unsolved